A rear view of the Riverside Inn, Downieville, California

Downieville, California

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Local Roads in the California Sierra MountainsLocation of Downieville in Sierra County, California

From Reno, Nevada

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Come to Downieville and see the history of the Mother Lode. The Riverside Inn is located on part of the area known as Tin Cup Diggin's and is within yards of where the nugget was found in 1977 that caused the "no gas Powered dredges" ordinance in town. As they say, "gold is where you find it." The lucky man was preparing to prospect the river when he kicked a nice lump of gold with his toe. This was very near the spot that 125 years earlier Major William Downie and his company of miners made camp at "the Forks." "They camped for a while on Jersey Flat and during this stay Jim Crow killed a salmon trout that weighed 12 to 14 pounds. After cooking the fish in a kettle, gold was found in the kettle." (Downieville by James J. Sinnott) Other finds on Jersey Flat include 11 pounds at the home of Dr. Aikin in 1852 and the Jersey Company (known as "the Company") took out "$20,000 this season" of 1854. Later, the Riverside Inn was built on Jersey Flat at "the Forks" of the Yuba River in Downieville, California.

When it was over the miners, shop keepers, tavern owners, and lawyers moved on, Many of them left the Mother Lode taking the Henness Pass to reach the new diggin's at Johntown and later Virginia City.